About the Catalogue

Welcome to our online catalogue of Barnsley’s treasures! Dive in to explore centuries of archives, paintings, drawings, decorative arts and social history. All of the collections in the catalogue are looked after by Barnsley Museums and are held at Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre, Cannon Hall Museum and the Cooper Gallery. We’re working hard to add more collections to the catalogue all the time, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us at archives@barnsley.gov.uk

Barnsley Museums holds a wide variety of collections which document and illustrate changes in society over many hundreds of years. Some of these items describe or show people in ways that are now outdated and which some people today may find upsetting or uncomfortable. Whilst retaining this historical evidence we are also looking at ways to explore new interpretations which challenge difficult legacies and present new viewpoints.

Please note that the catalogue does not include details of our local studies collections. They can be found on the main Barnsley Libraries website, available at https://barns.ent.sirsidynix.net.uk/client/en_GB/default

A Brief guide to searching

The catalogue search enables you to perform ‘any text field’ searches, and to search specifically in certain fields:

Any text: the most common function to use as this searches all available sections of the catalogue. If this returns too many or irrelevant results, try putting the words in inverted commas such as “railway station”.

Title: this search will only look at words in the title of the collection or item, if unsure of the title it is better to use the ‘any text’ search.

Description: this search will only look at words in the description of the collection or item, if unsure whether the word(s) will appear in the description it is better to use the ‘any text’ search.

Reference Number: all collections have a unique reference number (ref no.) and if known can be entered here.

Date: enter the date of collection or item. The results will return all records whose date range includes your date.

Site: to narrow the search by location please select a site from the drop-down menu, the default is all sites.

Term: terms are keywords used to describe a collection or item such as ‘cricket’ or ‘public libraries'.

Further search tips

Refine search criteria: by default, a search will look for the word or words you have entered. However, you can choose to change the default search criteria by clicking the ‘refine search criteria’ option. There are three ways to refine the search option:

  • With all the words
  • With at least one of the words
  • Without the words

  • Viewing an overview of a full collection: in record view it is possible to see an overview of a collection to see where a record has been catalogued related to other similar records. Click on the ‘reference number’ link to see the full collection/record hierarchy. Use the + and – icons to expand and contract the records in hierarchy view. This function only available for records with the ‘site’ location ‘Barnsley Archives’.